Note Cards Versus Greeting Cards}

Note Cards Versus Greeting Cards


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Note cards or greeting cards? What is the best thing to use? I have been debating this to myself throughout the years and sometimes it is really hard to find a situation where you cant use both for the same purpose. It seems that personalized note cards can be used to give messages of affection, thanks or consideration as much as greeting cards can. In fact, in most cases, it somewhat seems like only the size really is the difference between note cards and greeting cards. Of course however, this is only at the surface. After a careful study of note cards and greeting cards, there are distinct and subtle differences on how we create and use them. And in my opinion, note cards are actually more useful than greeting cards in a lot of ways.

More than tokens of affection:

First off, note cards can actually become more than just smaller greeting cards. Besides being tokens of affection that you can give away to people, note cards can have other uses altogether. They can become invitation note cards, message cards, presentation notes, promotional note cards and even discount pass cards. Whats more, you can combine these roles and have an invitation/greeting note card, or you can have a promotional and discount card at the same time. Note cards are really a great and versatile tool that is far more useful than your usual greeting card.

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Cheaper per piece:

Also in terms of practicality, note cards are really cheap to produce. They are cheaper per piece in printing when compared to a similar number of greeting cards. Since they are smaller and require less paper and ink, a lot of people can readily avail of cheap note card printing for their personal or business needs. In these harsh times cheap printing can really save a business or save your own personal budget, making it last until you most need your money.

Faster to produce:

Also another advantage of note card printing is that it is faster to produce. Since it is smaller and with less ink, printing note cards can be as fast as printing business cards. When you compare it to greeting cards, greeting cards are not only larger, but also require additional folding and cutting to make the whole design. This should add at least a day or so in turnaround times. If you need to send greetings or other important short messages quickly, note cards will be your best choice.

Easy to attach:

Lastly, note cards are quite easy to attach to almost any kind of gift or material. Unlike large greeting cards that are a whole item unto themselves, your personal note cards can hitch a ride on other gifts, or other important materials. You can include them with your packages, add them into press kits, and place them into product containers and other items that you give away. This makes it a nice and supplemental tool for your other items.

So, clearly, note cards provide a wider variety of abilities that greeting cards cannot match. While personalized notecards cant match a greeting card in its size and variety, note cards make up for this in their versatility of purpose and ease of use. So for me, note cards are the better option.

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